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Sayyeda Zainab Educational Foundation

Sayyeda Zainab Educational Foundation offers Free Tailoring programme for womens.

The Training would be imparted in stitching school uniforms and various outfits for men and women. Interested persons with minimum qualification of Class VIII and in the age group of 21 to 45 years can participate. The cost of training, materials will be borne by the Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation.

To Create beautifully structured garments that maintain their exquisite shape and drape for years to come. Learn traditional, modern and hybrid tailoring techniques.


Bring structure and shape to any tailored you’ll start by learning classic tailoring techniques such as canvassed construction for jackets and more. We will also teach you how to stabilize and shape a jacket's edges, neckline, armholes and roll lines. Move on to modern tailoring methods for using fusible interfacing with looser-weave fabrics to build elegant garment structure swiftly. Then, discover hybrid tailoring techniques that make it easier than ever to achieve refined results when sewing coating fabric or high-end menswear. Plus, discover how to interface a variety of different silhouette variations, from shawl-collared and collarless jackets to tailored pants.

Tailoring Course for 3 Months:

  • 1) Hemming: Running Stitch.
  • 2) Different types of Hand Embroidery Work.
  • 3) Musalla.
  • 4) Quran Ki chanchi.
  • 5) Bar posh.
  • 6) Pillow cove.
  • 7) Square Stitch.
  • 8) Circle stitch.
  • 9) How to Operate sewing Machine.
  • 10) Body Frock.
  • 11) Umbrella Frock.
  • 12) Six Pieces Skirt with 4 Types of Frills.
  • 13) Different Type Neck Shapes.
  • 14) Zib Attachment.
  • 15) Punjabi Kurtha & Punjabi Shalwar.
  • 16) Collar Kurtha with Lining.
  • 17) Salwar (Chudi Bottom).
  • 18) Plain Blouse.

For additional information please contact Training Instructor:
Syeda Zainab Education Foundation
Tel : 080-65358009.

Current Activities :

Early Morning, daytime and Evening deene courses for all.
Health Camps and Medical Screenings

Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation is in a unique position to support the healthcare needs of the local community. With the support of modern hospital our organization is able to serve the local poor living in the urban areas with the latest health care services by organizing health care programme regularly at our site.

Skill Development Classes

Skill Development Training is offered free of cost by Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation.
* Computer Courses for Ladies and Childrens
* Tailoring Courses for Ladies.

Weekly once on Friday Before Namaz e asar congregation of Ladies for zikr e elahi.

Will Be added soon