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Computer Training


Sayyeda Zainab Educational Foundation

Sayyeda Zainab Educational Foundation Charitable Trust is working toward creating IT awareness and providing knowledge and specialized skills to empower the children and make them self-sufficient and independent enough to take advantage of the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the IT-enabled society.

We provides Computer education so that they become a part of information revolution. The Computer Training Center also provides tutorial-training services to visually impaired students without any pre-set terms. Upon completion of the training, students will be able to use common computer-processing applications, including word processing, spreadsheets. They will also be able to read electronic texts on screen, download information from the Internet for reading or printing with, browse the newspapers, do online research and continuously upgrading their skills. By that students would pursue and develop their level of education and enhance working opportunities.

Training is offered free of cost by Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation. Students can also use computers as a tool to download all their reading materials. Apart from this, we also train the students so as to pursue a career in the field of Computer technology.

Computer Training Syllabus:

Basics of computer Syllabus:Keyboard Orientation, Desktop Orientation file/folder management

Microsoft Word Syllabus:A course that studies the different characteristics and functions of
Microsoft Word, focuses on navigation, working in different views, editing, formatting,saving documents,
printing and previewing, tables, mail merge, inserting, in addition to formatting long documents.

Microsoft Excel Syllabus:An introduction to the various characteristics and functions of Microsoft
Excel. This course provides the various frameworks and applications of MS Excel with emphasis on spreadsheets and database systems.

Microsoft Powerpoint Syllabus:A course that covers the various characteristics and functions of Microsoft Powerpoint. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to prepare effective
Powerpoint presentations.

Internet Explorer Syllabus:This course includes an introduction to the Internet and the
World Wide Web. Sending mail, receiving mail, searching information, reading news papers and etc.

For additional information please contact Training Instructor:
Syeda Zainab Education Foundation
Tel : 080-65358009.

Current Activities :

Early Morning, daytime and Evening deene courses for all.
Health Camps and Medical Screenings

Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation is in a unique position to support the healthcare needs of the local community. With the support of modern hospital our organization is able to serve the local poor living in the urban areas with the latest health care services by organizing health care programme regularly at our site.

Skill Development Classes

Skill Development Training is offered free of cost by Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation.
* Computer Courses for Ladies and Childrens
* Tailoring Courses for Ladies.

Weekly once on Friday Before Namaz e asar congregation of Ladies for zikr e elahi.

Will Be added soon