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AZMATH-E-AHLE BAITH CONFERENCE Organized Every Year By Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation has taken this as a mission to spread this message to all our beloved Brothers, Sisters,
and Childrens. This message is through a conference held every year in the month of Muharram
around 20th on the Third week end of Muharram, the greatness of the family of prophet Muhammad
(SAW) peace be upon him, the benefits islam draws through this is discussed and briefed by great scholars who are invited from all over the world and nationally. Most of the scholars from Kachocha sherieff are present who deliver the speech, and help people in clearing all the misconceptions that
have crept in our religion by new thinkers.

Imam Suyuti narrates:

It is narrated by Imam Tirmidhi and he declared it “SAHIH”.. Imam Ibn Jarir, Ibn Mundhir and Imam
Hakim who also declared it “SAHIH” plus Imam Ibn Murduya and Baihaqi in his Sunnan narrate from
the route of Umm Salama (ra) who said,The ayah was revealed in my house when in the house were present Fatima, Ali, Hassan and Hussain (Ridhwan Allahu Ajmain). The Prophet (Peace be upon him) covered them in his own cloak and then said:(O Allah) these are my Ahlul Bayt, remove all
abomination from them and make them pure and spotless[Tafsir Dur ul Munthur, Volume No. 5,
Page No. 563] It is mandatory for all muslim to know who Ahlul Bayt are and the love of Ahlul Bayt is mandatory of all muslim to be a momin, without the love for prophet Mohammed (SAW) peace be upon
him, and the love of Ahlul Bayt no one can claim to be a true muslim and he cannot be a momin.
The basis yard stick for a momin is the love of the above, this love should be above all others including ones parents, his/her dear ones, worldly belongings, worldly positions etc etc..