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Welcome to SAYYEDA ZAINAB Education Foundation

About Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation

Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation was established on October, 2011. with the objective of preaching and advancing the teachings of the Islamic faith and the religious doctrines and culture associated with the faith. It also maintains and supports a house of worship and a religious school for children, youth and adults. Since established, Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation Bangalore is providing many services to the Muslim Community and to cover the needs of the community. Now it is up to us as to how we take care of this priceless gift. In order for us to value this great Ni’mah (i.e. Children) we need to make sure that they receive due attention, proper Tarbiyah and education so that they can become a great asset for us in both the worlds.

Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation is taking a new initiative of making sure that our children, Ladies, and Gents involve fully in this initiative and benefit from the great teachers who are available full time in the foundation to teach the people who are in great need of this in this world where peace of mind is the need of the hour for all families. The pupils are given a proper Islamic education as they rightfully deserve. In order to facilitate this immense task there needs to be a proper system and administration by which a suitable Islamic curriculum can be implemented. Our observations have shown that generally parents don’t give any attention to other subjects like Fiqh, Seerah, Islamic History and Aqeedah etc.. besides learning the recital of Quran.

In order to achieve an appropriate curriculum and provide genuine education, cooperation is required from both, parents and administrators. Therefore the administrators have prepared some basic guidelines which will help the children attain the best education and help them become the shining stars of our Ummah. A well equipped Islamic library available for those who wish to explore the Islamic studies and get more awareness of the religion for improving ones lives.

Sayyeda Zainab Educational Foundation

Alhamdulillah gusishta 6 saal se diniyat Sayyeda Zainab Ummmat Muslim ke naunahalon talib wa
talibaat our Khawatten wa hazrath me ilm ki roshmi pehtarahe hai takhriban 300 taliba wa talibaat
our mard Khawateen ilm deen se apne apna khaloob ko munawwar kar rahe hai.

Hamare Madrase me :


2 saal Mubalikha ka course aur Quran e Majid tajweed ke saath Nazra Kiya Jata hai Mahar ilmaat ke Zariye Khawateen ko deeni talim our zarwari masa-eel se wakhib karaya jata hai.

Time Table : 6 AM – 8 AM , 10 AM – 1 PM , 4 PM – 6 PM , 8 PM - 10 PM

Shouba-e- diniyaat wa nazara: Iss shouba me mala ken au nahallon ko ibatadayi arabi khaeed our diniyat ki taalim na har astazi ke zariye di jati hai

Shouba-e-Masaeed: Iss shouba me wo talib wa talibaat ke liye deeni talim ka intezaam hai Jo angrezi Mandam Madrese me talim hasil kar rahe hai isme umr ki koi khaid nahi hai. Talibaat ke liye alahadi intezam kiya gaya hai. Hamare Madrasa me Har saal Dargah Ke Khadim Our committee Membraan ki nigrani Me ek azimush shaan programme gyarvin Sharibb. aur urse hazrat bhakhtyare kaki munakhid
hota hai jisme mukhtalib khankhaoon ke Sajjadgaan ulma ikraan kasseer tadaad me shlik hote hai.

Current Activities :

Early Morning, daytime and Evening deene courses for all.
Health Camps and Medical Screenings

Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation is in a unique position to support the healthcare needs of the local community. With the support of modern hospital our organization is able to serve the local poor living in the urban areas with the latest health care services by organizing health care programme regularly at our site.

Skill Development Classes

Skill Development Training is offered free of cost by Sayyeda Zainab Education Foundation.
* Computer Courses for Ladies and Childrens
* Tailoring Courses for Ladies.

Weekly once on Friday Before Namaz e asar congregation of Ladies for zikr e elahi.

Will Be added soon